Monday, September 5, 2011

Monkey Boy 1st Birthday!!

These cakes were for my nephew's first birthday party. It was a Monkey Boy themed party...could you guess? The main cake is a cute little monkey who is popping out of a birthday present cake! The cupcakes were chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I made the wrappers to match the decorations at the party. Finally, the little monkey cake is his smash cake.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

My moms Tropical birthday cake

After tiki torches are lit
This cake was for my moms birthday. She loves all things beach, ocean and tiki huts! All items are made from fondant except for the palm trees which are gum paste.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Minnie/Mickey Mouse

These were for an adorable 2 year old girl who is a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse lover. The minnie mouse is part gum paste and fondant. I added a few rhinestone picks around the bottom layer of the cake and by her name. The hat on the top of the cake is made of rice krispie treats and then covered in fondant. The cupcakes are suppose to represent Mickey Mouse. The toppers are fondant and there are also sprinkles. I made the wrappers to look like Mickeys pants.
Minnie Mouse Cake

Monday, May 16, 2011

Angie's Garden....My Favorite Cake!

I made this cake for my friends moms birthday. She loves her flower garden box  in her back yard. I made a combination of fondant and gum paste flowers, the fondant "wooden" flower box, fondant shovel and fondant garden gloves. The sign in the garden is made of gum paste and fondant. This was my all time favorite cake that I made. Her mom cried when she saw it....that makes the time spent sooooo worth it!

Joshs 30th

This was the first cake that I made. I used all plastic pieces....cheated big time....this was done back in October for a Halloween themed 30th birthday party for my brother in law.

Chicago Sports fans

This cake was for a friends dads birthday party. He loves the Chicago Bulls, Sox and Black Hawks!

Easter Chick

Here is the other cake I made for at my moms house. A cute little chick hatching from an this cake!

Hoppy Easter

This was one of the cakes that I made for my moms house for easter.

Sweet 16 cupcakes

These were for a girl that is turning 16 and loves bling! I added her name to the front of the cupcake wrappers with crowns and rhinestones to match her party invitations. The toppers are 16s with a bling diamond on top to also match her invitation...then cupcake covered in edible silver glitter.

Hope for the Cure

I donated these cupcakes to a bake sale for a friend from high school who battled cancer and beat it!

Sensational at 60 cake

This cake was for one of my friends moms  "sensational at 60" party. I made a combination of gum paste and fondant roses and added rhinestone bling picks to the cake. Bow is also made of fondant.

Monkey eating banana and frog eating fly cake?

This cake was done at the request of a set of 10 year old twin girls that wanted a cake with a monkey sitting in a tree eating some bananas with peels on the ground and a frog sitting on a lily pad in a pond eating a fly!! Yes I said that they were girls that requested it!

Mudflap girl cupcakes

These were for a 20 something year old studs birthday that loves the mudflap girl. The wrappers are covered in dancing woman as well.

A simple small backyard wedding cake...

This was a cake that I made for a small wedding reception in a backyard for a couple in the service that eloped. The Calla lilies were purple with yellow roses.

1st birthday cake

Here is a cake for a little girls first birthday party. I made fondant roses, leaves and bow with a gum paste #1 on top.

First birthday Princess Cupcakes

I made these for my neighbors youngest's first birthday. The toppers were made from Fondant. I also added crowns from paper and a ribbon to the princess crown wrappers.

Dora Birthday!

This was for a 3 year old little girl who loves Dora....I made her a birthday present cake with lots of stars and a bow. Dora wasn't working out for me doing it in Fondant so I bought a Dora for on top!

"Meg" Cake

This was for an artistic 13 year old girl who like the Mia cake that I did but wanted to add her own touches. She drew me a picture which I put on the easel to the right of the cake.

Kailys 15th

These were for a 15 year old girlie girl who loves the typical teenage things. I made different toppers that went along with the things she liked such as, facebook, cell phone, ipod, Jersey shore, her homecoming dress....she also wanted to marry Pauly D...I made him on a couple of cupcakes along with a picture of her face as his bride!

Raspberry Berea...the kind you get from Tanya's Bakery!

These are my lemon flavored cupcake with a swirl of raspberry pie filling in each bite topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting....they will have you screaming like Prince!

If you like pina coladas....

I created these for a get together at my moms...Pina Colada flavored cupcakes. Cupcake batter with Malibu Rum and Pineapple juice mixed in. The buttercream frosting also has Malibu Rum and pineapple juice....They were fantastic!! Added the cherry, dried pineapple piece and of course the umbrella!

40 and fabulous!

This cake was for a 40 year old woman's birthday. I did cascading rope hearts across the cake and added some sugar diamonds to it. On top I made a heart trio and added the number 40 to it.

Go Bears!

This cake was for a  Chicago Bears fan named PJ's 7th birthday party.

"Mia" Cake

This cake was for a 10 year old girlie girl who loved all things Diva! I came up with this cake ;ast minute when my original ideas didnt work out. All items were made of fondant. She loved it!

Pour me another!!

This was a cake that I did for my friends husbands birthday. He loves to make his own beer. The pouring beer is candy that I made from scratch. I added a couple of fondant pretzels. He was turning 37 and a proud Irish man so I added the shamrock.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Goodness

This is a chocolate moist cupcake covered in rich peanut butter buttercream and topped with half of a tag a long cookie....YUMMO!

Buddhist Cupcakes

These were cupcakes that I did for a Buddhist organizations meeting using their colors and symbol.


This cake was for my 3 year old nephews birthday party. He wanted a Backyardigans cake based from the movie the Mighty Knights. I made the castle from rice cereal treats and the figures from fondant. The Happy Birthday circles are from a chocolate mold.

A hole in one for Dennis!

This is a simple golf ball on a tee cake for a true golfers birthday!

Allies Birthday

This was for my best friends little girls fashionista party. I had so many ideas to do for this cake. This was suppose to have flashing cameras and purses, makeup etc for on this cake. My son ended up being up all night screaming in pain in his ears and stomach. I ended up in the ER with him all night and didn't get to finish the cake. I owe you one Allie! The girl on top looks like Allie...all made in fondant.

St Pattys Day!

I made a ton of cupcakes for St Pattys Day Parties..Some Leprechauns, Jello Shot mugs on cupcakes, and whatever else I thought fit the mood. Some wrappers say "Party Time" and some have the names of a few Irish boys that I personalized cupcakes for.

Stop in the name of the law!

This cake was for my husbands birthday. He is a detective. I included a chalk outline in top. The sides of the cake include my finger prints. I copied his badge with fondant and also made fondant handcuffs and a gun. I had to include the police tape as well. He loved the cake!I got the idea from a lady on who made one similar.

Bunny Love Birthday

This cake was for an adorable two year old little girl who has a cute little stuffed pink bunny that she never leaves home without. Her mom requested cupcakes with a little cake for the birthday girl of her bunny. Loved it!